Alright, fill me in, tell me everything I missed.
Won’t take long, only three things happened.


Fire alarm in the team hotel forces Bayern out onto the cold streets of Moscow and a nearby irish pub


when one of your siblings gets yelled atimage

mom: you can be next


“Where I’m from, there’s a lot of gang culture and things like that, so instead of throwing on up gang signs, which we used to, I put a Blood and I put a Crip together and we’re throwing up hearts. It’s about “sparking the idea of some type of change through music or through me because I go back to the city now and people give me the honor and respect that, you know, this kid can change a little bit something different that’s been going on in the community.” - Kendrick Lamar


gina has no feelings. she once said the best comedy of all time was the girl with the dragon tattoo.